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updated 3:36 AM UTC, Nov 18, 2017
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Meeting the Masters of Nanjing’s Soho

It seems only fitting that the hottest hair salon in town is located in Soho (Wangfu Dajie). Take a stroll through the neighbourhood, grab a coffee, visit the liquor store for a couple of bottles of wine, head over the street for a massage or pop into one of the trendy boutiques, but whatever you do be sure to pay a visit to Masters At Work (M.a.W) Concept Salon.

Sunlight warms my back as I take a sip from my flat white and nibble on some short bread biscuits. While perusing one of many English magazines put in front of me, some deep house plays softly throughout the Salon. Every chair is full; the place has that familiar calm buzz of a very western hair studio.

Australian Denis Maravilla knows exactly what I want and is already adding foils to my hair. His partner, Sydney trained Master Colourist Steven Zhang tends to another customer in perfect English, blow-drying as he happily chats away.

After some time of magazine perusing and coffee drinking my highlights were ready to be rinsed out. The last room of the salon is the basin room and it’s one to look forward to. I lay back in my chair as it begins to massage my back, legs and feet, snug in my blanket I look up to the starry sky installed on the roof, my hair is washed with aroma therapy shampoo; just bliss.

I have waited for an expat friendly salon to open in Nanjing for nine years. Knowing where the market is, these professionals are already discovering more of a market in greater parts of Jiangsu and are already making plans to expand. They are set to open a small beauty salon in Xianlin next month.

Assistants galore bustle back and forth offering their helping hands; while immaculately dressed and eager to learn they are still very new so may make some mistakes however management are aware and always helping staff to improve. M.a.W is first and foremost hair focused however they have a beauty room in which full waxing services among other beauty treatments are on offer. Masters At Work don’t come cheap however the service is definitely of a high standard and quality.

Getting off to a rocky start the salon was underprepared for the opening of their beauty department. After a two-month wait and a rather comical first visit to the waxing bed, I left wondering if a full body wax in Nanjing was just a pipe dream. However, upon my second trip to the bed to complete the job I was impressed with the professionalism by the beauty therapist who meticulously made sure I left hair free and beautiful.

A reasonably priced full body wax will set you back around ¥600 (hairdressing services are in the ballpark). While the beauty room is small it is filled with all the tools necessary to get the job done with relaxing music to soothe you through the pain. As a new business sorting out some teething problems I am thrilled Masters at Work have set up shop in Nanjing.




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