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updated 3:36 AM UTC, Nov 18, 2017
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TV, Just Like Back at Home

The trouble with traditional VPNs is they don’t let you watch TV from your home country. The software may make China “think” you are out with her territory; you can look up your location and be told you are, for example, in the middle of the River Thames, but firing up that on-demand player still only results in, “This content is not available in your location” (maybe it’s too wet where you are).

That’s where NetFree Router comes in. This small five port Ethernet router device (free with your subscription) is a Wifi spot, VPN and TV connection all in one.

The makers claim that their magic box allows you to watch online TV from either the UK, USA or Hong Kong. All you have to do is choose which one, whereby your little box will come with a country specific code that can help with troubleshooting later on; they can configure the box remotely if necessary.

The manufacturers also claim all that is necessary to get the service up and running is to simply plug in the box. The Nanjinger was skeptical in the extreme.

Both claims proved founded. Now, we are happily watching our favourite shows on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

Another major drawback of most VPNs is the speed, or lack thereof. Not so with NetFree, which is quite fast enough for both on-demand and live broadcasts, meaning the footie fans will be happy.

NetFree Router costs US$370 for a one-year subscription. Find out more at www.netfreerouter.com.




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