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updated 9:10 AM UTC, Nov 22, 2017
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Nanjing’s (Non) Irish Pub

If it’s an authentic Irish drinking experience you are after, well, best book a plane to Ireland. But if you crave good vibes , live music, and green space? Nanjing’s own Irish Pub will do quite nicely. 

Located just past Goldstar Cafe off of Shanghai Lu, Irish Pub is a red-headed stepchild that doesn’t quite live up to its name. It’s not quite Irish - serving a wide variety of Western dishes - not is it strictly a pub. The layout more closely resembles a house, leading to a variety of unique dining areas. Live music fills the first floor rooms in the evenings, while televised sports rules the upper floor. The biergarten out back, however, is the real winner when it comes to atmosphere. There’s literally not a bad seat in the house, or out back, for that matter!

Most Western food items, from salads and sandwiches to pizza and pasta to grilled meats and mashed potatoes, are faithfully executed, while oddly enough, Irish Pub lays claim to the largest pizzas in Nanjing with the biggest coming in at a whopping 22 inches! This makes for a great deal on half-price Wednesdays, so long as you bring a few hungry friends.

  Of course, no pub is complete without alcohol, and here Irish Pub lives up to its name. The pub delivers with a large European beer selection, in addition to a decent wine selection and a recently redone cocktail list. 

Irish Pub very much feels like a slightly-off Chinese translation; it doesn’t quite hit all the specifics, but it certainly gets the point across well. The establishment really nails the feeling of neighborhood community that good pubs have, and even does so with a solid menu to boot! This feeling, often lacking in busy Nanjing, cannot be overstated. The vibe is what elevates Irish Pub to more than a place you visit once just for kicks; it makes it the kind of place where you become a regular. See you there!

Irish Pub is located at 29 Nanxiu Cun, off Shanghai Lu 上海路南秀村29号. Tel: 85439898.




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