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updated 9:10 AM UTC, Nov 22, 2017
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Squid, Wasabi, Beer & Regency

Japanese food in Nanjing is not difficult to find; an array of good, authentic and affordable Japanese food is. That is why we at the Nanjinger absolutely loved our visit to the newest kid on the block; Fujiwara.

Located downtown where Guangzhou Lu meets the end of Ninghai Lu, opposite Nanjing Normal University, and directly next door to lively Vie Chat, Fujiwara features large circular doors open inwards as you enter the restaurant. Staff is attentive but seem to refrain from hovering.

Do not be fooled by the rather small downstairs seating area as this restaurant has space to fill well over 100 people. Downstairs and up, tables are hidden behind bamboo sliding glass doors, curtains or lamps.

Sticking to an authentic feel the restaurant offers only Japanese beverages. Bottle and draft beer is available; the cheapest glass of lager is ¥20. Plum wines and whisky is also available along with a large selection of sake, fruit juice and various tea options.

At around ¥20 per sushi option a selection of the bite sized morsels is affordable and filling. The Nanjinger tried much loved favourites including; the California roll and tuna and pickle and tried out some of the house favourites; the smoked duck and and a crispy crab roll which were all served fresh and delicious.

Other menu highlights included; fresh salmon, baked creamy lobster, steak with Himalayan salt, fried prawns, cheese and tomato stacks and traditional drinking accompaniment – squid pickled in wasabi (goes well with beer).

If munching away at all of that still does not hit the spot, on the menu is a selection of Japanese fried rice and udon noodles, soups and salads. Excluding drinks, a selection of various sushi dishes, sashimi and meat dishes will probably come to around ¥150 per person.

Upstairs boasts private rooms accommodating for 12 people and one large area that can accommodate for around 20 people. Call ahead to book and you can receive a free pudding. At present the menus are in Chinese, however, as of next month all menus will have been translated into English. Fujiwara is expecting to open their second restaurant in the same area later this year.

Fujiwara is located at 228-2 Guangzhou Lu 广州路易发科技大厦228-2号. Tel: 83111388 / 83311377.




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