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updated 9:10 AM UTC, Nov 22, 2017
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Taking a Dip in 40 Soups

The breadth and range of leisure options in Nanjing continues its dizzyingly upward spiral, and little proves this point better than 40 Soups, a new style of Japanese Spa in Pukou. Rooms come in varying sizes, right up to one accompadating eight, presumably very friendly, people. At time of writing, family size rooms (2-4 people) are available at ¥158 on weekdays and ¥218 on weekends for a 2 hour period, which is frankly long enough.

Simple Japanese light meals are delivered to one’s room; part of the fun being having to get out of the hot tub in order to answer the door.

Available seperately are a number of family foot baths and a communal outside option which, with the Chrysanthemum in bloom, appears to be utilised more as a photo op backdrop for the ladies in their kimonos that come as part of the package.

The only major downside is the far flung location, which rules it out for those without cars. A taxi would be prohibitively expensive (unless all those very friendly people share); heck, it would worth hiring a car for the day.

40 Soups Spa (四十汤) is located on the northern slopes of Lao Shan National Park 水墨大埝风景区九曲水街A03栋 . Tel: 58234440.




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