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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Amazing Nanjing Race Delves Depths of Dante’s Inferno

The Nanjing Inferno race for charity is back on! You have been invited to take part in one of the most exciting public events of the year.

Taken from a part of a book written by the Italian author Dante about Hell, the race invites people from all over Nanjing to take part and have fun.

Sino-Italian creator Ms. Beatrice Aondio and friends decided a few years ago to do something different in Nanjing for charity. Breaking away from traditional dinners and volunteer jobs, Beatrice found herself inspired by her hometown tradition (the Scigalott Race) and came up with the idea of a game that had its participants race around the city.

“The aim is of course to collect money to donate, but also to get together different kinds of people, have fun together and possibly help local entrepreneurs to advertise themselves within the community,” she said.

The game works around the seven sins, and it has seven different stops, each named after a sin (gluttony, lust etc.) Teams that enroll will not know where the game will be located until the last moment. At each stop there will be a person waiting to challenge your team. In order to beat other competing teams you must work together to rise to the challenges quickly. Challenges are team efforts using logical, creative and strategic methods; each stop will give a clue to the next one.

This year all donations will go towards the Nanjing Firefly association, assisting people with special needs.

So come along, challenge your skills and win using tactical strategy and team work. Every team must wear a uniform of their own creation with Hell as the theme, while at the end of all your hard work, your team can look forward to relaxing with a drink in hand.

INFERNO’S RACE 2017, Saturday 28 October, Register Before Oct 21st. “Helping Others By Having Fun”, Enrollment Fee Per Person ¥100. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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