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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Avoiding the May Day Holiday Crowds

With the May Day around the corner, a great number of people are planning to take a trip. Yet so many crowd the hot spots that you can not even move one step.

You spend the whole holiday watching numerous heads rather than the real beauty of scenery. Tired and fretful, you won’t want to head out on holidays again. Your precious holiday has been ruined by the noise and inconvenience of a sea of faces.

Why not choose some destinations that are not so popular but equally attractive? Not so far from Jiangsu Province, there are many ancient towns that you can enjoy to max. Imagine you are walking on the flaggings with old bricky houses on both sides. You slow your pace, escape daily pressures and totally relax yourself. Isn’t it amazing? The Nanjinger presents three towns you can choose as your destination to do just that this May Day holiday.

Xitang Town (Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province)

In Xitang, walls are whitewashed and rooves of house are covered in grey tiles, depicting a scene of typical traditional Chinese buildings. Simply by walking among those houses, touching the walls with your finger, or standing by the river and listening to the creak of oars, you will feel that you are a time traveler to ancient China.

Xitang is the cradle of ancient Wu-Yue culture, with rich cultural resources and beautiful natural scenery. It has been named as a living millennium ancient town. In February 2017, it was listed as a 5A Tourism Scenic Area.

Local specialties include Malt bread and Steamed pork with rice flavour in lotus leaves.

Getting to Xitang

1. Take the train to Jiashan station and then bus K210 to Xitang station.

2. Take the high-speed rail to Jiashan South station and then bus K222 to Xitang station.

Nanxun Town (Huzhou, Zhejiang Province)

Nanxun has a special tranquil beauty. Compared with other famous ancient towns, Nanxun is relatively less commercialised, which maintains the original feel of the town. With water flowing beneath little bridges and old pavilions, Nanxun remains a scene just like it was 100 years ago. Evenings in Nanxun are quiet and you can see few tourists but only local residents walking along the street.

Nanxun specialties include orange cake and Nanxun Chinese rice wine.

Getting to Nanxun

1. Take the coach directly to Nanxun from Nanjing east coach station.

2. Take the high-speed rail to Huzhou station and then take the coach or bus 101 to 137 to Nanxun station.

Wuyuan (Shangrao, Jiangxi Province)

Embraced by stretches of mountains, Wuyuan is sometimes referred to as the most beautiful village in China. In spring, with bright yellow rape flowers popping out all over, Wuyuan is like a wonderland that you will never want to leave. Unlike other ancient towns, Wuyuan is famous for its Hui culture, one of the three famous regional doctrine in China. Accordingly, it is known for Hui-style architecture, which is formed with wooden structures; inside, you can even smell the fragrance of wood. Besides, Wuyuan is also praised as tea and book village.

Specialties in Wuyuan include Lees fish and Baking cake.

Getting to Wuyuan

Take the high-speed rail to Shangrao station and then to Wuyuan station.




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