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updated 8:29 AM UTC, Nov 22, 2017
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A New Virus; QR Code Theft in China Featured

There have been an increasing number of reports relating to QR fraud. One lady in Guangzhou found ¥1,000 in her WeChat purse missing after using an Ofo bike. At noon,…

The Law and The Chinese Outdoor

In recent years, outdoor travel has become a new lifestyle in China. People tend to go outdoors to experience something different from daily life.

Self Promotion & False Advertising

The red lips, white teeth and charming smile of Elephant Dee, a Taiwanese celebrity, who represents Crest toothpaste, were accompanied by her words, “Use the Crest dual-effect shining white toothpaste;…

To Help or Not to Help?

Before you came to China, you must have been given some advice regarding Do’s and Don’ts in China. Among the advice, wasn’t there a piece of advice not to help…
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