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updated 12:00 PM UTC, Nov 17, 2017
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York to Become Nanjing’s First British Sister City

The historic city of York in the UK is set to become Nanjing’s 16th International Sister City after a historic agreement was signed by the Lord Mayor of York during his recent visit to eastern China.

In Nanjing partly to give a presentation at the World Historical & Cultural Cities Expo, Lord Mayor and Councillor for Fishergate Dave Taylor, together with Nanjing Mayor Miao Ruilin, signed a Memorandum of Understanding that seeks to promote stronger tourism and business connections, in fields such as education, science, technology and culture.

Speaking to YorkPress, the Lord Mayor commented, “It felt like a very fruitful visit, to form a Sister City relationship with Nanjing, and to see great possibilities in exchanges between our museums, learning opportunities for our hospitals, and the growth of two-way tourism.

“We even witnessed a light-show on the city walls akin to Illuminating York and an incredible fashion show as part of the opening ceremony to the conference.

“Doors are opening in China and we have the chance to walk through them to do business.”

Sister cities, as the name implies, are usually chosen for their sharing of unique qualities. In the case of York and Nanjing, both have commanded positions of historical power along with a rich heritage and over two thousand years of history. The city walls of each also sport a connection; that of York being the best preserved in the UK, that of Nanjing the best preserved in the world. Interestingly, environmental factors may well have been in play; Nanjing has been growing rightfully more proud of its eco-credentials in recent years (as a 2015 winner of the C40 Cities Award that provide global recognition for cities demonstrating climate action leadership), while the Lord Mayor is York’s first mayor to be a member of the UK’s political Green Party.

The landmark agreement also means Nanjing receives its first British sister city.

Nanjing’s International Sister Cities, by date of ascension
Magilev, Belarus; 27 Sep., 2016
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei; 21 Nov., 2011
Malacca, Malaysia; 31 Oct., 2008
Barranquill, Columbia; 4 Jun., 2001
Mangaung, South Africa; 22 Mar., 2000
Perth, Australia; 18 May, 1998
London, Canada; 7 May, 1997
Daejeon, South Korea; 15 Nov., 1994
Limassol, Cyprus; 24 Sep., 1992
Mexicali, Mexico; 14 Oct., 1991
Leipzig, Germany; 21 May, 1988
Eindhoven, Netherlands; 9 Oct., 1985
Florence, Italy; 22 Feb., 1980
St. Louis, U.S.A., 2 Nov., 1979
Nagoya, Japan; 21 Dec., 1978




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