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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Cases Canoed Out of Court

Heavy non-stop rain on 25 September caused severe flooding in Nanjing. The situation became so bad that water levels rose ankle deep in the courtrooms of Qixia, in the northeast of Nanjing, reported The Yangtze Evening Post.

However this did not deter the good men and women of the judicial system whom sat with their feet wading away while they pressed through a number of trials.

Taking the Internet by surprise, a video of the judges, lawyers and people of the court working tirelessly, has earned the court praise nationwide.

A social media post by an unnamed lawyer wrote, "Being a lawyer is not easy, nor being a judge, with the law so strict, and even if it is difficult, the scheduled time [of the trial] must be heard".

Hongfeng Street, in Qixia, has been recently widened but rain and sewage diversion facilities have not yet been completed, meaning that the continuous heavy rain led to water intrusion, which then flowed back into the court.

Reporters learned that on that day, the judge opened a total of five cases in which the parties had already been waiting for 3 months. Pushing the dates of the hearings back simply was not an option.

During a particular flooded mediation, the two parties were so touched by the professionalism of the judges that they soon reached a basic agreement. At noon that day, after the end of the mediation, the judge used a canoe to send the party away from the court.




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