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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Nanjing Man Murdered in UAE Desert

August 2017, Nanjing businessman Mr. Luo went missing after he arrived in Dubai. Police later discovered his body after what was to be a series of deceitful events.

Involved in the import milk and probiotic business, Mr. Luo was invited by business associate Ms. Xu to Portugal for business. On the way the two were to meet in Dubai.

After arriving in the United Arab Emirates on 4 August, Mr. Luo quickly vanished. Ms. Xu and her 29-year-old son kidnapped Luo from the airport, and according to reports, Luo was later tortured and slain.

Luo’s bank passwords and WeChat details were extracted from him and a large amount of money was transferred out of his accounts before he was killed; the body was left in a car for two days and finally buried in the desert.

Mr. Luo’s son later began to receive WeChat messages, supposedly from his father, complaining that he had lost his passport and was being held in Thailand on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Luo’s wife and son flew to Thailand in order to confront the police, who had apparently requested a ¥3m bailout, only to be advised by the Royal Thai Police that no such request had ever been made, and that furthermore, there was no evidence whatsoever that Luo had ever entered the country.

After notifying police in Dubai of his father’s disappearance and the suspicious circumstances surrounding it, Luo’s remains were eventually found buried in the Abu Dhabi desert some 400km from Dubai.

Officials tracked the flow of money from Luo’s bank and WeChat accounts through Europe and finally to Australia, from where Ms. Xu and her son have since been extradited back to the UAE on suspicion of murder, along with two other suspects. Initial reports do not specify how Mr. Luo was killed.

Mr. Luo’s family has since requested the suspects be extradited and tried in China; police say this may prove difficult as the body was found on the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The investigation is ongoing and no further information has been released with regards to where the trial will be held.




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