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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Retired Revelers Reap Benefits of Free Jiangsu KTV

In Nanjing, recently launched was the “Sunshine Entertainment Sunset Glow" project, aimed at benefitting the middle-aged and elderly.

Thus far it has helped change what were once secretive entertainment venues into jumping daytime leisure options.

The Jiangsu Entertainment Industry Association, the brains behind the scheme, introduced the project in order to fully upgrade and transform the entertainment industry to include free, low-cost, high-quality services for its senior citizens.

The Sunshine Entertainment Sunset Glow project, supported by the Ministry of Culture, aims to utilise facilities during the daytime to integrate and develop resources for entertainment, delivering a positive energetic culture and entertainment industry.

Windsor KTV, Miller Star KTV and other well-known entertainment chains throughout Jiangsu have agreed to give those over 50 years of age a special ID card, which will allow them to enjoy free access to KTV rooms from 9am until 5:30pm. Attendance at two major Nanjing KTV chains have since reached 80 percent of capacity.

The project hopes to change the image of such entertainment from night-time, youth-only options, to a whole family-based practice through a healthy transformation and development of the entertainment industry.

The Future Of KTV

While Nanjing KTVs open their doors to daytime singers, Xinjiekou’s Fashion Lady is among many locations to have installed a number of China’s answer to the modern day version; the mini KTV.

Barely big enough for two people these KTV pods are the stuff of our millennial dreams. They are time savers in between shopping trips and restaurant or movie waits. Simply log in via Wechat or Alipay QR codes and away you go.

These performing pods allow for customers to record their singing and instantly upload it on the Internet and share it on social media to earn “likes” from admirers.

As reported by Chinaplus, research done by iiMedia showed the value of the mini KTV market in China will hit 3.18 billion this year and is expected to double by 2018.

As KTV is China’s third preferred type of entertainment, we can expect to see a lot more in the area of mini KTV pod technology.

Government Stress on Livelihood

Recent government meetings have revealed plans to revamp Nanjing’s entertainment scene, and as we now know, this includes improving sectors relevant to the elderly. In addition to the improvement of entertainment in Nanjing, a general “livelihood of the people” approach is the theme of public planning this year, as the government announces, “scenic areas, train stations, airports, business centres and hospitals will all have at least a 6-square metre nursery”.

The government understands that package delivery has become an integral part of everyday life and has made it clear newly built communities will have at least a 25-square meter “courier room” to assist and improve the sending and receiving of packages.





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