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updated 9:10 AM UTC, Nov 22, 2017
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China Takes Chernobyl to Greener Pastures

It is now 30 years since the worst nuclear power plant accident in history; the Chernobyl disaster that comprised a destructive steam explosion within a nuclear reactor and the subsequent release of radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere around Pripyat, Ukraine.

Some 350,000 people were evacuated or resettled as a result of the disaster and the 30km exclusion zone, an area that has remained a no-go area ever since the April 1986 tragedy. That is, until now.

Never before has the world witnessed such a push toward Green Energy from China as we have seen of late. New reports over the past few years show promises of slashing energy consumption, reducing pollution levels and a move towards greener energy. As far as we have been told, and this remains to literally be seen, pollution levels are making a considerable descent and the government is tackling energy consumption. What we do know is China has followed through with its green energy investment plans with considerable pace.

China has not only invested billions of dollars in solar power projects throughout the country but has also taken on projects abroad. As news breaks, Chinese green energy firm Golden Concord Holdings Limited (GCL), has been revealed to have fully committed to transforming the Chernobyl exclusion zone into a massive solar power plant.

A subsidiary of GCL, GCL System Integration Technology (GCL-SI) has joined ranks with the China National Complete Engineering Corp (CCEC) in order to better plant construction that is expected to start next year.

"There will be remarkable social benefits and economic ones as we try to renovate the once damaged area with green and renewable energy," Shu Hua, the chairman of GCL-SI, said in a press release (Reuters).

The Golden Concord official website describes the firm as “world’s champion manufacturer of high-quality photovoltaic material… characterized by entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and transcendence”, while according to Bloomberg, listed as Vice President of Golden Concord Holdings Limited is one Xi Jinping.




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