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updated 12:00 PM UTC, Nov 17, 2017
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Wristband Technology to Assist Sign Language Translation

Two university students from Tsinghua and Beihang University, Wang Nana and Huang Shuang, recently won the top prize for “Most Inclusive Project at a UN Development program, which was supported by Baidu. They have developed an APP that is designed to help people with Aphasia, or the inability to communicate, communicate better.

Utilising wristband technology, sufferers of aphasia will have the ability to communicate 200 words through movements made with their wrists. It is said the devise can provide the user with 95% accuracy.

The WHO estimates that over 5.3 percent of the worlds population is hearing impaired. When equally distributed over the world, Asia makes up for 58% of the total number of hearing impaired people, making it the largest singular market for aphasia wristbands.




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