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updated 12:00 PM UTC, Nov 17, 2017
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China Executes Party Boss and Playwright Zhao Liping

@南宁张峰 (26 May, 2017) Weibo Post. @南宁张峰 (26 May, 2017) Weibo Post.

Former Chinese police chief and politician Zhao Liping from Inner Mongolia was executed today following approval from the Supreme People’s Court.

This February Mr. Zhao was convicted of bribery, murder and possession of illegal firearms.

His appeal had been rejected by the higher people’s court of Shanxi Province, which upheld its verdict to strip Mr. Zhao of all political rights, property (worth ¥2 million) and sentence him to death.

It was reported Mr. Zhao had accepted bribes totaling ¥23.68 million during his time with the Public Security Department of Inner Mongolia.

Mr. Zhao had a rather successful career as a writer of novels, award-winning screenplays and poems. However, in stark contrast he was also the first provincial level official to be charged with first-degree murder in the history of the PRC.




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