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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Nasty Nantong Nanny Goes Ninja on Employer

51 year old Nanny (ayi) Mrs. Chen from Nantong, was filmed attacking her employer by kicking, punching and using other physical abuse. She was also filmed hurling verbal abuse such as “shameless mistress” etc. at the employee, perhaps in a bid to discredit her.

It is said the nanny had not only regularly asked for leave but that after the employer found out the nanny was also suffering from genital ulcers, she asked the nanny to go to the hospital to have the condition checked out. However, she did not expect the nanny to begin insulting her in such a manner. The nanny has since been dismissed and the case is ongoing, with the employer is seeking an apology and compensation.

The wealthier the middle classes become in China, the more common it is becoming for them to hire “help”. However, in a lot of instances, the “help” is turning out to be a rather large headache. As of late, Shanghai has introduced a blacklist for domestic workers who breach new codes of conduct or who are found to have a criminal record. Any nanny who provides false information such as health records, fake ID cards or resume’s will be blacklisted.

The move comes after an nanny in Hangzhou, who was reportedly addicted to online gambling, set fire to her employers home killing the mother and her three children.

Nanjing is home to some 50 registered housekeeping agencies and likely hundreds of illegal ones, and the industry is on the rise. In Shanghai, the city government demands nannies to present employers with a “certificate of good conduct” or a “clean criminal record” document that has been issued by police. It is only a matter of time before Nanjing follows suit.




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