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updated 10:30 PM UTC, Dec 14, 2017
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Grand First Writing Ceremony Makes Guinness World Record

Nearly a thousand kids have set a new Guinness World Record for attending a group first writing ceremony at Bao'en Temple Heritage Park in Nanjing of Jiangsu province, Sept. 23.

Aging between three to six, the kids, dressed in Hanfu, followed all the procedures of the traditional education activity, including worshiping Confucius, striking a drum, getting a red dot on their forehead (opening the wisdom eye) and writing a Chinese character, etc.

The Guinness adjudicator announced the success of the Guinness record right after the activity. First writing ceremony, or enlightenment ceremony, is an important ritual for every student before they are admitted to school in ancient China.

"To take part in such a big first writing ceremony with so many children is sure to be a moment they will cherish forever. I'm glad we made it," a mother smiled.

Launched by the Bao'en Temple Heritage Park, as well as Kidswant, the biggest chain store for kids and expectant moms, the ceremony shared fun with a hundred migrant worker family. A parent-child educational base was also inaugurated at the ceremony, in hopes of providing more chance for families to develop a more intimate parent-child relationship.




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