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Nanjing, cn
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Fuyang shooting

Child Shooting; Girl Paralysed in Nanjing, Villagers Jailed

If the world has learned anything from the United States of America over the past decade, it has been that slack gun laws enable...

Demystifying Blockchain; How Your WeChat Payments Actually Work

The world of Internet startups is pretty excited about Blockchain these days. It is a measure of their significance and the extent of their...
adventure cycling startup

Where Adventure Travel Meets Tech Startup on the Silk Road

There can surely be little in common between the startup culture of today's tech innovators and a Chinese/Korean duo setting out to cycle from...
picture perfect China

Picture Perfect; Desire for Online Recognition Mirrored in China

As China’s most difficult college entrance exam, the “Gao Kao” (高考), takes place today and tomorrow, students across the nation have been scrambling to...
Jiangsu tourists in Canada bus crash

Canada Bus Crash; One Dead & 24 Jiangsu Tourists Injured

Canadian news has revealed a number of people from a Jiangsu tour group have been injured and at least one has died in a...
Cars choke the main approach to the latest Wanda Mall in China

Wanda Mall in Xianlin Opens to Ocean of Cars

The grand opening of the eastern section of the Wanda Mall in Nanjing's Xianlin area in Qixia district took place last Friday, 1 June,...
Chinese smokers unaware of heart attack risk

Chinese Smokers Still Unaware of Heart Attack Risks

This past Sunday, 3 June, saw the establishment of the Jiangsu Centre of National Medical Treatment and Alliance of Cardiac Failure as part of...
erotic webcam bust

Erotic Webcam Scam; Illegal Live Streaming Bust

The Hangzhou Public Security Bureau has put an end to a group of female college students, who were caught illegally live streaming erotic performances...
Peppa Pig Nanjing

Peppa Pig Mania Reaches Nanjing

Ushering in Children’s Day on Friday, internationally popular cartoon Peppa Pig appeared on the number 555 Yangtze bus. With the bus all dressed up...
Didi Foodie Delivery

Will Didi Foodie Innovate in Nanjing?

Staying innovative and creating new ideas is the best way for a business to thrive in China. Whenever a popular new product or service...
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