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Nanjing, cn
Friday, February 23, 2018
People's Cinema

People’s Cinema; the Nail in Hollywood’s China Coffin?

The last thing anyone wants is another American saving the world. For the Chinese government, the last thing they want is the citizens of...
Adoption at Washington Embassy

Adopted Boy from Nanjing Attends Embassy CNY Bash in Washington

A New Year celebration at the Chinese Embassy in Washington Monday evening included the touching attendance of 70 American families who have one thing...
Nanjing Botanical Garden

Botanical Dogs Stay off Spring Festival Boredom in Nanjing

With all the Chinese New Year excitement finally over, it is now the time to work out what on earth to do over the...
Nanjing on Social Media

“Nanjwitter Instajing”; Blocked Social Media Sites Promote Nanjing Tourism

Nanjing has joined the ranks of other cities in eastern China that have teamed up with an international public relations outfit to provide western...
Drunken Juliette

Drunken Juliette Batters Romeo in Nanjing’s Hexi

A young intoxicated lady has spent a night at the pleasure of the Nanjing authorities after drunkenly laying into an imported car on display...
eliminate evil

Authorities Aim to “Eliminate Evil” in Gang Crackdown

To the north of Nanjing, a court in Xuzhou city has convicted 22 people of gang crime and sentenced them to jail and detention,...
Journalist Sun Lin

Nanjing Journalist On Trial for Picking Quarrels

Nanjing journalist Sun Lin, who goes by the name Jie Mu online, has appeared in a Nanjing court on charges of “incitement to subvert...
overwork Anhui surgeon

Surgeon Death Resurfaces “Overwork” Problems in China

The Chinese word Guòláosǐ (过劳死), loaned from the Japanese word Karōshi (過労死), means death from overwork, and recent history teaches us that China has, for...
Left Behind Kids

Riding The Happy Train; Bridging the Gap with Left Behind Kids

One hundred students from Nanjing gathered at the S9 Xiangyu South metro station, on 4 February, to board the Happy Train, bound for the...
Environment toxic waste river

Nanjing Man Fined 2M as China Cleans Up Environment Act

For the past 10 years, a Nanjing man has knowingly polluted the local river environment on an ongoing basis with chemicals that can lead...
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