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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
aussie rules diplomacy

Aussie Rules Diplomacy; Playing to Repair Political Relations

A new beginning for relations between Australia and China has has materialised as diplomacy efforts from the Australian Football League (AFL) saw the Gold...
express courier sued

Courier Sued for ¥760,000 After Attacking Customer in Own Home

A recent court hearing in Beijing highlights safety flaws in China’s unstoppable express delivery industry, after an express courier deliveryman injured a customer in...
cockpit windshield failure

Lhasa-Bound Pilot Sucked Out after Cockpit Windshield Shatters

On the morning of 14 May passengers and crew on board Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa, dramatically landed in Chengdu 1...
Didi Murder Suicide

Murder Suspect Suicide Sees Didi Services Suspended

Zhengzhou city police have confirmed that the 27-year-old male Didi driver suspected of killing a female flight attendant last week, was found to have...
Murder of flight attendant using Didi

Flight Attendant Murder; Didi Issues Apology Letter

A female flight attendant, who was traveling in a Didi car in Zhengzhou city, has been murdered in the middle of the night. When...
dating profile piracy

Dating Profile Piracy; China’s Tinderish Troubles

With the rise of Tinder and its swipe left or right easy access, paddling through the singletons dating pool has never seemed easier. Nothing...
Didi Foodie Delivery

Didi Hits Back with Food Delivery Service

The war that has been raging in the China ride share market is being taken to a new front; food delivery, as the tit...
Didi Doom

Is Didi Doomed? China’s Uber Meets New Challenges

It used to be that it could be impossible to find a cab in Nanjing, especially if it was raining, or 6pm. Contrast this...
Viagra Among Counterfeit Sex Drugs

Counterfeit Viagra Sales Raise Side-Effect Concerns

With 1 in 4 men suffering from erectile dysfunction in China, sales of viagra are on the up. Fearing the embarrassment of consulting a...
CCTV World Consumer Rights Day

CCTV’s 3.15 Hall of Shame Airs its Annual Disgraces

Former US president John F Kennedy, on 15 March 1962, famously said, “Consumers by definition include us all. They are the largest economic group,...
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Best of The Nanjinger

Feng Shui Masters; The Architecture of China’s Temples

Anyone who has visited more than two temples in China will have noticed that most are architecturally and structurally similar. While the reasoning behind this...