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Friday, April 19, 2019

Chasing the (Other) Dragon

Strainer is a Nanjing column. It is no accident that a tea enthusiast would choose the southern part of Jiangsu as a...

Putrid Portraits; Priceless Paintings

The face is a picture of calm; dark eyes with a soft yet confident gaze, cheekbones accentuated by a warm pink glow,...
Unlikey Affairs for a Jew in Ha’erbin

Unlikey Affairs for a Jew in Ha’erbin

Tapping into a market for quality English translations of contemporary Chinese novels comes the recent release of “Goodnight, Rose”, by Chi Zijian,...
New Taste of Fusion in Nanjing’s Olympiad

New Taste of Fusion in Nanjing’s Olympiad

Seeking something fancy on a budget? Joey’s Lounge may be your best choice this winter. Head to Olympiad for a taste of...
Aussie Brunch Round 1

Battle of the (Aussie) Brunch; Round 1

If you so happen to find yourself in Xinjiekou, pekish and wondering where to go for good Western food, then skip on...
Big in Japan but All Alone

Big in Japan, but All Alone

After studying in the UK for 1 and a half years, I planned to travel alone somewhere else before I got stuck...
English Proletarian Takes on 1970s Nanjing

English Proletarian Takes on 1970s Nanjing

“You must understand that if a Zhongguoren, a Chinese person, had done what you have done, he might be executed”.
Dried Lily

Dried Lily; The Antidote Gift from the Gods for Everything

The Day Lily (干百合) is beautiful, fragrant, medicinal and edible, an elegant flower that blooms once a day and has for the...

Botanic Green Cures to China’s Pollution Woes

It started in the kitchen, as most good things do. The steam that made the lids dance on the pots and pans...

Belts, Roads & Botanical Threats to Biodiversity

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to bring infrastructure investment, leading to massive increases in trade, to regions along the former...
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