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Monday, February 18, 2019

Chinese Imperial Cuisine

Since this column is dedicated to the discovery and discussion of quirky and unusual Chinese food, it makes it quite the challenge...

Spring Bamboo Shoots

If you were anything like me, when you first arrived in China, you would never have known that one can actually eat bamboo. Scaffolding...

Shanghai Decadence

Before venturing north, south or west, after I first arrived in China, east was my first port of call; magical Shanghai in...
the goji god

The Goji God; Worshipped for Liver Vitality

Otherwise known as Wolfberry or Lycium Barbarum, the Goji berry is native to Asia, and has been used as a foodstuff and...
Trusty Lotus Root

The Trusty Lotus Root

There are two kinds of lotus varieties; one with pink or white flower (Chinese lotus), Nelumbo nuceifera, which is found in Asia and northern Australia;...
noodles or pasta

The Great Debate: Noodles or Pasta; Which Came First?

Xi’an, meaning “Western Peace”; the first of China’s four great capitals and what remains the country’s noodle mecca. Known as Chang’an during the Tang...
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