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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A Walk in Their Shoes; China & the World’s Empathy Paradox

Imagine it’s Sunday afternoon, you exit Suguo with your week’s worth of groceries dangling off your arms. You stand at the intersection watching the...

No Empathy nor Sympathy in Foreign Cultures

A satirical play was performed live in Nanjing, during the month of May. Alleged to be the first cross-cultural and bilingual play ever performed...
#metoo; china's gender glass ceiling

#MeToo; Breaking China’s Gender Glass Ceiling

Westerners are likely aware that pay discrepancies are just one of the many gender issues that are currently in the spotlight. In Australia, for...
Ford Nanjing Test Centre

Ford Nanjing Test Centre; Fast Laps & Personal Milestones

It is both fitting and ironic that the canola oil fields surrounding Nanjing’s “Slow City” in Gaochun district are also home to a recently...
nNanjing vintage curio shop

Where the Dust Settles; Nanjing’s Vintage Curio Shop

Worn leather bags, smooth porcelain, rough coins, rusty fans; this is all some may think is sold in Shop Number 34. People have...
vintage beliefs

Digging Up the Wine; China’s Youth Challenge Vintage Beliefs

Vintage wine may be a treasure worth preserving, but should vintage traditions be preserved in the same way as well? It is no doubt...
vintage clothes shop in Nanjing

Vintage Clothes in China; Why Bother?

The last time I went home, vintage was all the rage. My mother used to take me Op shopping (opportunity), charity or thrift to...
china travel trends

China Travel Trends; a Shift in Focus

A whopping 130 million mainland Chinese travelled abroad in 2017; almost 10 percent of the population. The general assumption that Chinese tourists are focused...
Chubby China Obesity

Famine to Feast; Chubby China’s Bulge Battle with Killer Apps

In 1982, a mere 7 percent of China’s population was obese. By 1992, that had risen to 15 percent and in 2012, the number...
Dystopian Communication

Inter-Personal Communication in an Era of Dystopian Convenience

Wow, your Chinese is very good”, remarked the supermarket checkout employee. “Your pronunciation is very standard, better than ours”, chimed in her giggling colleague...
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