Autumn Applause for Nanjing’s Veggie Heaven


Nanjing’s premier vegetarian restaurant has outdone itself once more, its autumn menu having a sound emphasis on health and well-being. It also tastes divine.

As our bodies begin to stiffen and prepare for Nanjing’s long winter months, after what was a very long and sweaty summer, Wujie Vegetarian has prepared an autumn selection that closely follows the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in order to help strengthen our system in style.

Sourcing the best of its ingredients fresh from domestic locales, Wujie offers only the highest of quality and rarest of ingredients in order to prepare some truly inspiring dishes.

While waiting, The Nanjinger had a poke around the kitchen, where it became apparent this company speaks only the truth. Quality fresh mushrooms, such as Shiitake sat next to Yunnan truffles and fresh bamboo shoots, Chinese yam, fresh walnuts and ginseng.

This autumn, The Nanjinger was in the house to enjoy what seasonal creations are on offer. We began cold; spring rolled kelp middle drenched in a traditional sour and spicy sauce from Sichuan, topped off with walnut sprinkles. This dish was a favourite of The Nanjinger, for its zesty sauce and light fresh texture had us reaching for more.

A rather bitter TCM inspired soup was served in between starters, that featured ginseng, Mogu and fresh walnut. If you had any illness before drinking this soup, afterwards you’re cured I’m sure. Perhaps a placebo effect, the ingredients in this dish alone are enough to bring one back from the dead.

Getting warmer, next was toufu and mushroom stuffed okra tempura, dipped in crispy yellow flower petals with an accompanying spiced creamy sauce. Not only was this dish too beautiful not to have had its photo taken, its crispy texture and sticky salty flavour is simply an awesome mix.

Following on with a curious yellow coloured theme, came a Yunnan Miao minority classic; Bamboo fungus and shoot in a sour pumpkin puree. For The Nanjinger this sour soup was definitely a thumbs up.

We later found out that, according to TCM, colours are representative of different organs in the body. Yellow is associated with the lungs and as we enter the cooler months, the air begins to dry; it is thought our lungs are most affected at this time, hence all the dishes we ate were yellow in some way.

Perhaps the most outstanding of all is the marinated and slow-cooked potato dish, that comes on a bed of fresh rosemary and sea salt. As an Australian, I have had my fair share of potatoes and these are possibly some of the best I have ever tried; this comes highly recommended.

To wash it all down, a pot of oolong tea infused with mint and rosemary. Its pink colour, milky scent and fresh flavour saw this tea cocktail knocking one out of the bag for tea lovers indeed.

With belts coming undone and us well and truly ready for a nap, the restaurant’s seasonal dessert selection arrived; banana ice cream and soy milk creamed cake.

Sufficiently stuffed, we rolled out of Wujie feeling satisfied but guiltless. For this autumn menu is a must try for vegetarians and those with a culinary interest in Chinese creative dining.

Wujie Vegetarian 大蔬无界 is located on 6F, Deji Plaza Phase 2, 18 Zhongshan Lu 新街口中山路18号德基广场6喽F617. Tel 86777661 / 86777662

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Renée Gray Beaumont
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