Hot New Dog Let Out in Nanjing’s Xinjiekou

Hot New Dog Let Out in Nanjing’s Xinjiekou

We entered into the restaurant through wooden doors, the sports-themed decoration immediately eye- catching. Small but cosy, newly opened Rockin’ Bar might be just the place to rest after a hectic day of shopping in Nanjing’s city centre.

Turns out the hangout’s owner is obsessed with sports, exhibiting his collection of sneakers (poo!) and sports jerseys on the walls. Further good news for sports lovers is the fact that UEFA Champions League and NBA live are always shown.

Our meal started with Mango Shrimp Salad, a delightful pallet cleanser and appetiser. The fresh, sweet mango pairs perfectly with the sautéed, shelled shrimps, while the delightful sesame dressing tops it all off wonderfully.

The Invincible cheese family hot dog is Rockin’ Bar’s most popular dish. Hereby a unique combination of different kinds of melted cheese smothers the warmed hot dog bun and goes surprisingly well with the perfectly cooked and spiced dog.

One of The Nanjinger’s favourite dishes is the crispy sweet potato chips as a side, while the Squid Curry Triangle remains the best snack to go with beer; crispy outside and chewy inside.

Of the many different hot dog combinations available only at Rockin’, be sure to try their “Brothers Hot Dog”, inside of which a lively, unique hot dog mixture comprising tuna, mustard and curry samosas to satisfy your cravings.

The downside at Rockin’ is that, for those more traditional in their convictions, the menu lacks a plain, traditional hot dog without toppings. Although the classic ketchup and mustard hot dog would be possible, it need be ordered specially.

With the weather becoming nicer (or should that be “hotter”, so the outdoor patio will be a really enjoyable space in which to have some drinks with friends, while enjoying the brief breeze of spring. On a budget too; about ¥90 for a beer (or cocktail) and a hot dog.

Lu Long, the shop owner told The Nanjinger, “I had been working in finance for more than 10 years; this time I want to do something different.” He discovered there to be few hot dog places in Nanjing; Rockin’ Bar is his way of embracing different pop cultures to create a hub for young people.

Rockin’ Bar is located at 36 Huaihai Lu 淮海路36号 Tel 18652938585

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