Taking the Stress from the Move

Asian Tigers Mobility

In need of a removals company, The Nanjinger decided to enlist the help of Asian Tigers Mobility, a company that not only deals with international and domestic moves, but is happy to help with a trip across town too.

Spending our days writing stories, making magazines, websites and videos, we have little time for packing. So we put Asian Tigers Mobility to the test; could they move and office full of material built up over 6 years, in one day, and have the new office ready for action the day after? As it turned out, we are happy to report that they did their utmost to fulfill this wish, with not a book missing, a desk broken, or a CD out of place (yes, we’re geeky enough to number them).

After settling on a price, the company was expected to arrive at 10am; they came at 9:40. Four workmen and one supervisor entered the office and had a look around. Note, we had not moved anything from its original spot as we were told all packing would be done by the company.

After a 10-minute inspection, they got to work, two men were in charge of packing and the other two the heavy lifting (up and down elevators to the 14th floor). The supervisor spoke good English, which helped to coordinate communication.

Work began at 10am; every single item was wrapped carefully in either bubble wrap or thick paper, and packed into boxes, which were sealed and marked with their contents. The company paused for a 1-hour lunch break, after which they continued packing.

By 2pm, we were locking the door to our empty office and on the way to our new digs. All we needed to do was open the door and in came our boxes, tables, chairs, bar and shelves. The men obligingly reassembled a very troublesome shelving unit, lifted the heaviest of objects into parts of the room as directed and cleaned up after themselves.

Throughout the entire process, the company behaved in a professional manner, handling everything with care. Come 4pm, everything was reassembled, in its place and we were left to unpack the boxes and decorate as we wished.

Overall, we were very impressed with the service we received from Asian Tigers Mobility and can highly recommend them for any local, domestic or international move.

The company arranges trucks with special permits to travel through the city in order to avoid traffic restrictions during the day, in addition to organising any special handling and preparation. If necessary, they can continue with overtime/evening/night-time work to finish the job, at an extra charge.

With 11 offices in China and over 280 staff, Asian Tigers Mobility has been a pioneer in the office relocation business in China for many years and owes much of its success to its focus and dedication to quality, as well as firm commitments to international standards.

If you’re strapped for cash, then perhaps a local mover will be more suitable for you. Cheap, however, is no guarantee that your stuff will make it there, and all packing will be done by you; good luck that nothing breaks. Then there is the almost inevitable argument, which will lead to you paying more than originally agreed. Certainly, the services of Asian Tigers Mobility, however stellar, do not come cheap, yet, with moving house ranked as one of the most stressful things in life itself, perhaps it is all worth it.

Contact Asian Tigers Mobility via [email protected] or visit www.asiantigers-mobility.com