Tantalising Vegetarian Menu one of this Summer’s Musts

Wujie vegetarian summer

Under the soft lighting of Deji Plaza’s sixth level establishment, Wujie Vegetarian, The Nanjinger was treated to the restaurant’s new summer menu, setting the bar for creative pairings and innovative vegetarian takes on carnivorous classics in Nanjing.

The restaurant prides itself on having a seasonal menu with a bevy of options for customers to pick and choose from. At Wujie, you can expect the unexpected when it comes to combinations of ingredients. White button mushrooms in a wasabi sauce, breaded lychee filled with quinoa, and a cream of corn and Chinese yam soup; all of this might not sound the most appealing at first, but the genus is in the balance. The chef at Wujie cleverly matches sour ingredients with sweet flavours and smooth textures with rougher grains in an attempt to make every bite off the plate a well-rounded experience.

While some of the imaginative menu items this summer might be better suited to those a little more daring, the delicious vegetarian twists on classics are perfect for those seeking something a little more familiar, minus the meat. In place of lasagna, Wujie offers sliced Japanese pumpkin layered with Chinese yam and two varieties of long bean. Instead of the traditional spaghetti bolognese, patrons can expect a long angel hair noodle topped with a spicy mushroom mince, thinly sliced capsicum and fresh sprouts.

On a menu that shines with inventiveness, The Nanjinger found its standout dish at the end of the meal; pineapple and passionfruit mousse topped with mint leaf, blueberry and a mixed berry meringue stick. Perfectly balanced and refreshing, this dessert epitomises summer and is in itself a reason to visit Wujie Vegetarian this summer.

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