Top Chefs + Dancers + Drivers = Fresh Colour!


A beautiful woman standing next to a car is not necessarily a model. In fact, she is a champion racing driver. Nanjing girl, Yang Jinhan, is the driver in question, and one who is also a dance teacher. She joined the national gymnastics team at the age of 12 and was a runner-up at the world championships. 

So how did she open a restaurant? She told The Nanjinger it was because she had always had a literary heart and had always liked the atmosphere of literature and art. She also liked going to bookstores and drinking coffee, and so she opened this Western restaurant on Shanghai Lu.

Fresh Colour is easy to find; there is a car about to dash out from the signage. The car theme continues inside with an overall style is that is retro and simple, surrounding the three tables and private room therein.

Culinary credentials are established with the fact that the day shift chef worked previously for the Westin Nanjing, and the night shift chef the Intercontinental Greenland Hotel. Together, they serve up a high standard of grilled steaks, salads, soups, snacks, dessert and drinks.

Good western food in Nanjing is generally very expensive, but Fresh Colour bucks the trend, is good and cheap, and complimented by a very relaxed atmosphere, in which the boss wants guests to be friends.

Recommendations at Fresh Colour include Eggs Benedict, the Classic brunch dish with poached eggs, avocado and bacon with mustard mayonnaise, and Lamb Chops, a serving of four lamb chops with aromatic black-pepper sauce and mashed potatoes.

Then there are the Pumpkin Soup; moderately sweet with a very thick milky fragrance making it more than appetising, Smoked Chicken and Pumpkin Pasta; juicy with healthy vegetables, BBQ Pork Ribs; a new dish of tender BBQ pork ribs with sweet red wine sauce, and Tuna Salad; grilled black-pepper tuna with a lime vinaigrette as a dipping sauce. 

Fresh Colour turns into a small bar in the night. In addition to the cocktails on the wine list, guests can have drinks mixed according to their needs and tastes.

Usually less crowded at lunchtime, it is best to make reservations for dinner, on account of the restaurant’s size. 

Fresh Colour is located at 83-6 Shanghai Lu 上海路83-6 Tel 18905161863