Pet Export from Nanjing to the EU

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Pet export from Nanjing to any country within the EU is a process that is thankfully now a lot more straightforward and transparent. That said, before starting out, one need be aware that the whole process takes approximately 4 months at the minimum. For the purposes of this article, pets shall be regarded as dogs or cats.

The three requirements for pet export to the EU are a microchip, a rabies vaccination and a rabies antibodies test.

If a pet does not currently have a microchip currently then he/she will need one to be implanted as the first step in the process. The microchip has also to be implanted before or at the same time as the vaccination is performed.

The rabies vaccination should then be performed at a government-approved clinic, at least 30 days prior to departure. The vaccination shall be valid for 12 months. The clinic need to provide the pet owner with a rabies certificate book.

If a pet does not have a valid rabies antibody test, a blood sample should be taken at least 30 days after the vaccination. The sample will be sent to a WHO-approved Lab to determine the rabies antibody titer (this shows if there are enough antibodies after the vaccination that in case of an infection, the animal may fight it without being a risk to others). From the date the blood is taken, the animal need stay in China for a minimum of 90 days. A pet cannot leave China before this end of this waiting period.

In the last 7 days before departure, one need to go to Nanjing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (1 Guojian Lu, Jiangning District; Tel: 52345357) with one’s pet for the final health check. Required shall be the vaccination record, the original of the rabies test result, the pet owner’s passport and plane ticket(s) plus 2 copies of each document per pet. The Bureau then issues the Health Certificate (within 3-4 days) necessary to leave China and enter the EU.

Other Tips for Pet Export from China to the EU

  • Ask airlines if there are tickets available for your pet(s) before booking one’s own. Tickets for pets cost approximately US$250.
  • Prepare a mobile cage according to airlines regulations, put some urine pads under the cage and reduce the pet’s food intake 1 day before departure.
  • Make the pet take some pills in advance to reduce their anxiety during flights.

Additional Help with Pet Export from Nanjing

The Nanjinger recommends U-Pet for assistance with the aforementioned procedures. U-Pet also offer pet boarding (kennelling) and insurance services. Contact them via email: [email protected] or tel: 18605203007. More information in our City guide 250 here.

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