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Dali; Cool Kid of China

“How much is this?” I asked the shop keeper, holding a handmade leather bag. It smelled raw and felt smooth, styled rustically. It brought...
Tainmuhu Bamboo Sea

Tianmuhu Bamboo Sea

It is often said that Zhuhai should never be confused with Zhuhai, and that pinyin is a lousy replacement for fully-fledged Chinese...
Hong Kong Walled City

City of Darkness Now Smiling Bright as Little Thailand

It was known as the Hong Kong Walled City, or The City of Darkness. Infamous for its 30 years of ungoverned vice and much...
wooed by wuyishan

Wooed by Wuyishan

Confucius may be China’s best known scholar, especially on a global level, but he was not her most influential. That is a...

Nepal; Trekking through Cloud Nine

I began my trek in Nepal at a height of 1070m. Where I come from, in Scotland, we’re very proud of our...
Yangzhou Slender West Lake

Yangzhou 24; Slender by Name, Slender by Nature

Over in Zhejiang province, West Lake is synonymous with Hangzhou. Slender West Lake, on the other hand, is an entirely different kettle...
Beers for Barack & Bourdain in Hanoi

Beers for Barack & Bourdain in Hanoi

The first order of business was learning how to cross the street. There are 5 million motorbikes in Hanoi among a population...
Big in Japan but All Alone

Big in Japan, but All Alone

After studying in the UK for 1 and a half years, I planned to travel alone somewhere else before I got stuck...
Sanya; Paradise with the Price Tag

Sanya; Paradise without the Price Tag

Ordinarily, it’s no contest that I’d choose culture and cuisine over a nice beach and agreeable climate. Yet, with direct flights to...
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