Nanjing Foreign Student Dies Following Street Fight

foreign death follows street fight in Nanjing

At 2:40 am on Wednesday, 11 July, opposite Nanjing’s 1912 entertainment district, a street fight between a local Nanjing man and an international student from Pakistan tragically resulted in the student’s death.

The student, identified by classmates as 26-year-old Moiz Uddin, had reportedly just left a popular student bar with a female companion soon after the world cup semi-final between France and Belgium, when he was seen arguing with a Chinese man later identified by police only by his family name, Cong, on Beiting Xiang, which runs parallel to Taiping Nan Lu.

An official statement released on the same day on WeChat’s police announcement board by the Xuanwu police department states: At 2:47am 110 received a distress call about an argument on Beiting Xiang, nearby the Nanjing Tobacco Factory. Police later arrived at the scene to find a foreigner lying on the ground. The ambulance was called immediately but unfortunately his injuries were too severe, and he could not be saved. The perpetrator, 28-year-old Cong from Heilongjiang has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

CCTV footage posted on WeChat by an unknown source, shows Uddin standing beside a woman on the curb while arguing with Cong; it is unclear what the argument was about. After a short time Cong is seen walking across the road, when he returns the street fight began. Cong is seen scuffling with Uddin, during which time it is believed Cong stabbed Uddin multiple times, and later he is seen using a bike lock to repeatedly beat Uddin.

A graphic mobile phone video also shared on WeChat shows a man in a black t-shirt performing CPR on the bloodied body of the Pakistani student, while another video captures ambulance workers carrying Uddin onto a stretcher. A video posted on YouTube pictures Uddin’s crying female companion crouched over his bloodied body after the street fight.

It is believed Uddin began studying a Chinese language course at Nanjing Normal University in September 2017, and after the summer of 2018 was due to begin his masters. Uddin was to fly home to Pakistan for the summer the day after he was killed.

An outpouring of grief from Nanjing’s student community has surfaced on social media following the incident; “Our brother has been brutally butchered”, “We have to take stand today also for our own safety”, “Dear brothers please pray for the departed soul and stay vigil” (WeChat Comments) and “He was a nice boy. Well respected in the Pakistani community of Nanjing. May his soul rest in peace. Amen” (YouTube Comment). The hashtags #HangTheKiller and #JusticeForMoiz have been created by Nanjing residents and shared on WeChat groups in an apparent plea for justice.

The Nanjinger contacted the Nanjing police several times earlier today who preferred not to comment, instead referring us to a different branch of the Xuanwu police, again to no avail. In addition, attempts for further information from Nanjing Normal University’s International department have also failed; one representative claimed to be unaware of the incident.

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Renée Gray Beaumont
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