CaFe Chemistry is Missing Link at Nanjing Uni in Xianlin

Nanjing University Chemical Cafe

A cafeteria named “Café More” in Nanjing University, Xianlin Campus, has recently gone viral on social media, and it all comes down to one basic scientific discipline; chemistry.

In the periodic table of elements, “Ca” and “Fe” respectively stand for “Calcium” and “Iron”. One bright student at Nanjing University’s Xianlin campus quickly realised that together, they make the word “café”. Hence, the new cafeteria’s signage appears as “CaFe”.

Sponsored by the founder of Dazhong Bookstore, an alumni of Nanjing University, a slogan hangs on the wall of the cafeteria; “We promote, support and celebrate Chemistry”. From the lights on the ceiling to the decorations on the tables, almost everything in the café is related to chemistry. There is also a book shelf embedded in one of the cafeteria’s walls and a periodic table on another.

Besides the cafeteria, a garden near the chemistry building, which takes up an area of 10,960 square metres, has also become very popular on Weibo. It is a gift from the university’s alumni association in Suzhou. The garden’s vintage design is based on that of a famous garden in Suzhou, Xiangxue Sea. It is said that the garden in Nanjing University looks just like its prototype in Suzhou, a city world famous for its classical Chinese gardens.

The café is run by students of Nanjing University, and as a result, the price of food and drink is fairly low. Very very low in some case; the cafeteria has adopted a special policy that states, “Nobel Prize Winners, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering and authors of papers published in certain journals can get free drinks in Café More”.

What more reason does one need to study harder?

“Café More” is accessible from Metro Line 2, by getting off at Nanjing University Xianlin Campus Station, and then walking through the South Gate of Nanjing University Xianlin Campus; the cafeteria is on the second floor of the Chemistry Building. It is open from 10:30 to 21:00.