Nanjing Creative Design Week; Life and Industry Infuse Creations

Nanjing Creative Design Week; Life and Industry Infuse Creations

Nanjing Creative Design Week officially opened on 28 May, 2019, with theme of “Creative Enabling City”. Through nearly 100 activities across Nanjing, the week-long event explores the integration of creativity and industry, creativity and life.

Kicking the week off was the inauguration of two major overseas collaborative innovation centres in Nanjing; Florence Fashion Design Centre and Venice Architectural Design Centre. 

Creative partners invited from different countries around the world included Nick Lambert, President of the British Computer Art Society; Jack Adis, Curator of the British Lumen Prize, while several from the International Cartoon Illustrator Residential Program were invited to cooperate with Nanjing designers, as to realise the internationalisation of a creative city.

The activity “Art China; Creative City” is now underway around the city, in which seven comic creators from China and abroad have been invited to tour Nanjing and paint the scenery they find in tourist spots, universities, creative parks and business centres that they then shall present to Nanjing as gifts. They have also co-created a 3.5 x 1.1 metre scroll, depicting the representative roles in their works, linked by a soaring dragon, painted by Chinese cartoonist, Wang Kewei. 

Cartoon light shows were also displayed on the walls in Laomendong on Tuesday, 28 May. Along with the dynamic light and shadow show, as citizens and tourists walked cobbled road, they felt not only history and fashion alternate, but also a perfect integration of the traditional and modern, to appreciate the unique charm of cartoons.

Nanjing, rich in educational resources, holds a most energetic creative force in her teachers and students. Nanjing Creative Design Week sees the launch of “Creative University Alliance” program, with the purpose to build a think tank of urban creative innovation, to convey advanced creative ideas around the world.

In addition, the “Southeast University Nanjing; Design Famous City” project will gather high-quality design industry resources within a 4.5 area, to build a modern centre for design that will not only be a fashion vane of Nanjing, but also a gathering place for the city’s design industry.

Nanjing Creative Design Week is more than a week of design-related activity; more it is a reflection of the number of literary and creative industries to have landed in the city. Nanjing Celebrity Hall, Shizhuzhai Art Centre, Nanjing University’s Base of Cultural Industry in Art and Nanjing Airport Exhibition Town are but four examples of creative community becoming more vibrant while showing the power of urban cultural creativity.

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Kristen Wang
A Nanjing local, Kristen studied Media and Public relations in Newcastle University (UK), has researched social media and online publishing and previously worked for different new media platforms. She is passionate about discovering new stories and helping expats involved in this city. 南京人Kristen毕业于纽卡斯尔大学,媒体与公共关系硕士学位。她的研究专注于社交媒体和网络发行,在不同的新媒体平台工作。她喜欢发现新鲜事,也希望帮助在南京的外国人融入这里的生活。