Nanjing Foreign Affairs’ Day Hailed as Great Success

Nanjing Foreign Affairs' Day Hailed as Great Success

Thankfully, the sun was shining on participants of the car boot sale who parked their cars outside NFASA headquarters at the Xianlin Gaochuang Centre. Over ten foreign volunteers helped in coordinating and monitoring the goings on of the event that which began at 9:30am and finished around 2pm.

The day began with the unveiling of The Nanjing Foreign Affairs Services Association (NFASA). The opening ceremony kicked off with a speech by Deputy Director of the Nanjing FAO, Huangfu Zhaohui, after which government leaders together unveiled the official plaque of the Association.

Meanwhile, vendors downstairs popped open their boots, decorated their rugs and began selling goods to passers by. Those lucky enough to have gotten in quick enjoyed wine, barbecue meat and sunshine as they dug for bargains. “This is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it nor have I tried so much international food. I’ll definitely come again next year”, local engineer Ben told The Nanjinger regarding the car boot sale.

Led by the FAO, relevant government departments followed with their presentations; the Propaganda Department of the Nanjing Municipal Committee, Nanjing Development and Reform Commission, Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau, Nanjing Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Administration, Nanjing Commerce Bureau, Nanjing City Internationalisation Promotion Office and the Qixia District Commerce Bureau.

“I’m quite impressed with today’s events. The conference was very informative and quite interesting, These sorts of efforts from the government is exactly what is needed for the startup community right now. I think there’s been a very good turn out”, a representative from the foreign community told The Nanjinger.

Attendees listened to presentations by the government that which detailed and outlined important up and coming changes to foreign economic policy in Nanjing, with particular focus on internationalisation, after which the conference transitioned into an open exchange. Members of the foreign community were encouraged to openly and freely exchange with the government regarding changes to policy and business matters in general.

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