Nanjing Techweek 2019 Rumoured to Receive Visit from the Top


Nanjing Techweek 2019 gets off to a much-publicised start tomorrow, 26 June, with a plethora of VIP and big-name guests set to be in attendance for the event spread over a range of venues across Nanjing, but based out of the Nanjing International Expo & Conference Centre in Hexi, until 30 June.

Sophia the robot shall be joined for Techweek by national TV hosts Bai Yansong and Jiang Changjian, together with Dong Mingzhu, Chairwoman of Gree Electric, who has been dubbed one of the toughest businesswomen in China.

Last, and decidedly not least, it is rumoured that Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, shall also make an appearance, along with Singaporean Prime Minister, Le Hsien Loong.

Techweek includes a host of activities, including CNUK, a team of UK and Chinese healthcare industry specialists, that will officially unveil new IP trading office in Nanjing’s Xuzhuang High-Tech Zone to support innovative UK companies.

At an evening cocktail event, CNUK will also co-host the “Challenges and Opportunities for AI and Healthcare in China” discussion panel with Nanjing Healthcare Drinks, the UK Department of Trade and MyBioGate.

“This is an excellent opportunity for us to introduce our vision, growth strategy and latest developments in the medical technology industry, including the introduction of our new investment Fund, while giving UK innovators the platform to showcase their technology and services”, Mark Atherton, Head of Business Development at CNUK Medtech Solutions, said in a press release received by The Nanjinger.

Elsewhere, the Black Technology Exhibition, hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry & Information Technology, from 26 to 29 June at the Expo Centre, promises to be more than worth a look.

This year’s Techweek also has an international focus that sees concurrent events taking place in other countries. The Global Network Interactive Career Fair shall take place on 27 June at the Nanjing Youth International Conference Hotel as well as at venues in the USA, Australia, the UK, France and Germany.

On Thursday, 27 June, the Zhongshan Hotel on Zhongshan Dong Lu is the venue for another key element of Techweek; the 3-day long IEEE Global Robot & AI Innovation Ecology Summit, an open-to-the-public event with the aim of exploring links between international artificial intelligence and a robotic innovation ecosystem.

Key to the Summit shall be the afternoon session of 28 June, the 2019 Nanjing NEXT Summit, organised by the American Chamber of Commerce Nanjing Centre, that will examine the relationship between AI and that of humans and how companies can manage this robotic revolution. Companies and institutes participating include Intel, Siemens, Softbank, ABB, IEEE, CCID and IDC. 

The highlight of NEXT shall no doubt be the appearance of Sophia, and its/her creators, Hanson Robotics. Invited to attend the Summit by the Chamber, the CEO, CTO & CFO of Hanson, together with Sophia it/herself shall all be in attendance.

Hong Kong-based Hanson styled Sophia, the world’s first first AI citizen, after actress Audrey Hepburn. Sophia was activated/born on 14 Feb (sic), 2016.

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