Nanjing Vertical Marathon; Scan to Win at 50 Metro Stations

Nanjing Vertical Marathon; Scan to Win at 50 Metro Stations

The second season of the Golden Eagle Cup Nanjing Metro Vertical Marathon has got underway around Nanjing, with the theme of health and environmental protection, and a vast array of prizes are on offer between now and 19 April. 

Participants can take part at 50+ stations across the Nanjing Metro network, many being the busiest stations to facilitate public participation. 

The genius behind the promotion is that it requires participants to use the stairs inside metro stations to firstly access the QR code to register, and then to accumulate points. Thanks to the GPS technology within everyone’s smart phones, participants can only accumulate competition points by using the stairs within the selected metro stations.

Simply swipe a QR code on the stairway wall of the stations, which leads to the official WeChat page, agree to share your location, and become part of the game. Thus, by participating in the Nanjing Vertical Marathon, data is automatically accumulated and rankings generated based on all participants. 

As long as you are in the participating stations, your steps are recorded, while you can keep track of your ranking anytime using the WeChat page. Apart from the metro stations, when you walk into any Golden Eagle Plaza near a metro station, you can gain an additional 50 points by scanning a QR code at the service desk.

Prizes on offer include metro ticket cards, Lego toys, laundry supplies, Bao Shifu cake gift boxes and shopping cards. The competition champion will win a cash prize of ¥5,000 followed by second and third prizes of ¥3,000 and ¥2,000 respectively.

Participating stations in the Nanjing Vertical Marathon second season as follows:

  • Line 1: Maigao Qiao, Nanjing Railway Station, Xuanwu Men, Gulou, Zhujiang Lu, Xinjiekou, Sanshan Jie, Zhonghua Men, Ande Men, Nanjing South Railway Station, Baijia Hu, NMU/JIETT
  • Line 2: Nanjing University Xianlin Campus, Xianlin Zhongxin, Jinma Lu, Ma Qun, Minggu Gong, Xi’an Men, Daxing Gong, Shanghai Lu, Hanzhong Men, Yunjin Lu, Jiqingmen Da Jie;
  • Line 3: Mozhou Dong Lu, SEU Jiulong Hu Campus, Fuzi Miao, Changfu Jie, Nanjing Forestry University, Liuzhou Dong Lu, Tianrun Cheng, Linchang;
  • Line 4: Longjiang, Caochang Men, Yunnan Lu, Jiming Si, Jiuhua Shan, Xuzhuang;
  • Line 10: Yuantong, Olympic Stadium, Mengdu Da Jie, Nanjing Tech;
  • Line S1: Xiangyu Nan Lu;
  • Line S3: Gaojia Chong, Youfang Qiao;
  • Line S7: Konggang Xincheng Jiangning, Konggang Xincheng Lishui, Lishui;
  • Line S8: Taifeng Lu, NUIST, Xiongzhou;
  • Line S9: Gaochun
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