Nanjing’s Air Passenger Peak Predicted for Early August

Nanjing’s Air Passenger Peak Predicted for Early August

The number of passengers coming to and from Nanjing by air is expected to reach its peak in early August, spurred by the recent addition of new routes and temporary flights targeting the lucrative school summer holiday period.

As the temperature rises, so does people’s enthusiasm for travel. As a result, since the beginning of the summer, various airlines have been actively increasing capacity at Nanjing Lukou International Airport. In addition to the popular tourist destinations in China, passengers travelling abroad for leisure as well as foreigners going to and from their homes are enjoying more options and convenience due to the number of newly added flights. 

As to the latest flights in operation, the Nanjing-Nagoya route opened in June is now daily in its frequency, the Nanjing-Langkawi route operated by Malindo Air has been a popular choice but a July-only route, and Qingdao Airline’s Nanjing-Sihanoukville flight began operations on 19 July, as The Nanjinger reported earlier this week. 

Meanwhile, more scheduled charter routes are soon to be opening up, in the form of two lions. Thai Lion Air will begin operating the Nanjing-Chiang Mai route with thrice weekly flights from 29 August, while as soon as this week, a Nanjing-Minato flight shall commence, operated by [Indonesian] Lion Air.

Indeed, business has been so good at Nanjing’s airport of late that many other, more established, international routes having been increasing their frequency of operations. Beginning with Japan, the Nanjing-Osaka route is now flown four times per day, excepting Sundays, by two airlines combined; the Nanjing-Sapporo route is now eight times per week in frequency; and the Nanjing-Okinawa route is now daily, excepting Friday.

On other routes, Scoot now flies every day between Nanjing and Singapore, and twice daily on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays; Malaysia Airlines’ Nanjing-Kuala Lumpur flight has increased to four per week; Uni Air of Taiwan now flies the Nanjing-Taipei route four times per week; Vietnam Airlines flies Nanjing-Nha Trang six times per week; while Macau Airways now flies every day between Nanjing and Macau, and twice daily on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.