National Taiji Championship Closes in Nanjing

Taiji championship in Nanjing
Photo courtesy Xinhua

The past 3 days have seen the National Taiji Championship take place in Nanjing’s Gaochun District.

A total of 314 Taijiquan (a.k.a. Tai Chi) masters from nine provinces and cities, including Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong participated in the show, reports the Yangtze Evening News. Entrants were represented through 32 teams from various martial arts organisations.

The event was sponsored by the National Sports General Administration Wushu Sports Management Centre, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau and Nanjing Gaochun District People’s Government.

Gaochun is regarded in China as a “home of martial arts”. The story goes that long ago, local people developed martial arts as a form of defence against marauding thieves who would attack villagers by boat. Although historians argue that the exact home of Taiji will likely never be known, Chen Village in Hunan Province is a likely candidate.

Well being has become a kind of obsession in Gaochun; the district is home to China’s first “Slow City”, recognised by Cittaslow, the Italian organisation that improves the quality of life by slowing a town’s pace of life. There are now six such towns in China and a total of 236 worldwide.

A spokesperson for the Gaochun District Sports Bureau said that in recent years, Gaochun District has continuously increased its investment in the national fitness program.

The idyllic rural area has become known in recent years for its annual marathon, the Ninghai Gaochun International Cittaslow Marathon, while an annual mountain bike race has also more recently emerged.

Taijiquan is a form of exercise that embraces the concept of inclusiveness in the East. Its practitioners are in line with the physical, mental, and physical requirements of mind, spirit, form and divine exercise. They have a harmonious coexistence with the physical and mental health of humans and human groups.

Taiji is widely accepted to aid with ailments such as diabetes, spondylitis (arthritis of the spine) and insomnia.

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