No More Frozen Freebies; Nanjing Customs Clamps Down


The new year brought with it Nanjing customs’ collection of ¥200 million worth of frozen food bound for Wuxi, Suzhou and Kunshan.

It has emerged that frozen seafoods in the main, such as 8,000 tonnes of shrimp, cuttlefish and fish fillets, have been illegally imported from as early as July of 2013.

Such seafood of this magnitude comes via Vietnam to be sold along the east coast of China. Regarding this latest bust, four people have been detained in connection with the smuggling of food. 

As reported by Xinhua News, since the start of China’s anti-smuggling campaign in 2017, Nanjing customs has seized more than 4,700 tonnes of cotton, over 1,200 tonnes of white sugar and 9,000 tonnes of frozen food.