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Nanjing, cn
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Zhang Rui crowd funding

Crowd Funding Raises 1/2 Million for Cancer Victim

A woman from Mingguang City, Anhui Province, not far from Nanjing, has sadly lost her battle with leukemia only 51 days after...
online gambling gang members arrested

Local Gang Arrested for Online Gambling; ¥700m Profit in 2 Years

On 18 July, 2018, it was reported that 23 people in nearby Zhenjiang city involved in online gambling are linked to a gang which...
left-behind children

Psychological Support for China’s Left-Behind Children

During Nanjing’s hottest month, on 15 July, 2018, counsellors made their way out to the Huai’an countryside, in order to provide psychological support and...
china monkey traffickers

Monkey Traffickers Caught in Northern Jiangsu

Suspected illegal merchant activity involving the precious Macaque monkey has been brought to light when the Haizhou police, of northern Jiangsu’s Lianyungang city, caught...
Yangtze river chemical waste

Chemical Waste Found Buried in Banks of Yangtze River

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has confirmed that 30,000 cubic metres of chemical waste and other hazardous matter has been found hidden in...
Jiangsu drinking prohibition

Alcohol Drinking Prohibition Hits Jiangsu Officials Hard

China’s infamous business drinking culture is a tradition that has been dying a slow death. That is until now, as a recent prohibition announcement...
China Environmental Plan on Track

Is Jiangsu Environmental Plan on Track? Recent Bust Confirms It

Perhaps spurred on by the central government’s 3-year environmental plan, residents living nearby a factory in Xinyi town, Xuxhou city in the north of...
Fuyang shooting

Child Shooting; Girl Paralysed in Nanjing, Villagers Jailed

If the world has learned anything from the United States of America over the past decade, it has been that slack gun laws enable...
erotic webcam bust

Erotic Webcam Scam; Illegal Live Streaming Bust

The Hangzhou Public Security Bureau has put an end to a group of female college students, who were caught illegally live streaming erotic performances...
food delivery casualty

Food Delivery Driver Runs Down New Mum

China is now known for its speedy food delivery, but the convenience has come at a cost for one such customer and the company,...
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