Design a Qipao Contest; Be Inspired in Suzhou’s Cheongsam Town

Design a Qipao Contest; Be Inspired in Suzhou’s Cheongsam Town

A new competition is realising an opportunity to allow individuals to use influences from their own historic heritage of creativity, manifesting their inspiration through a recently launched event in Suzhou’s “Cheongsam Town”.

In a nutshell, the contest is a chance for anyone to find recognition through designing a new kind of Cheongsam, in China known better as “Qipao”, fit for the modern age.

In the city’s Wujiang Old Town Section, near the Chuihongqiao relic site, Cheongsam town is a cultural melting pot, attracting domestic and international tourists, as well as artists from across the globe. Last month, Cheongsam opened its arms to competitors in this years’, “Second China Garment Design Competition”, to visit the town to gather ideas and realise their visions.

As reported by Jiangsu Xinhua, he competition has the main aims of encouraging people to inherit culture in an original way, returning traditional Chinese clothing to modern life; and carrying forward the new handicraft movement on an international scale.

Wujiang District is regarded as an embodiment of traditional Chinese clothing culture and the spirit of craftsmanship. As a product of architecture competitions, it is a perfect backdrop for this garment design competition. Wujiang Qipao Town was opened in June, 2017.

This competition brings an opportunity to allowing for new depth to Chinese Cheongsam culture. In recent years, there has been a rising national sentiment for a higher value to be put on traditional Chinese culture. Yang Mingjie, the co-sponsor of the New Crafts Movement commented that designers, “should not follow superficial and symbolic things”, emphasising the preservation of the old traditions while also encouraging the students to look outside for new influences.

The Nanjinger awaits with anticipation for the results of the competition set to be announced later this month.

Cheongsam is considered by many to be one of the most internationally recognisable traditional Chinese outfits. Popularised in 1920s-1940s Shanghai, it now stands as a distinguished image of Chinese women’s cultural charisma. With a strong association to the Women’s liberation movement, Cheongsam helps the modern woman create her own empowered form of beauty and elegance.

Find Cheongsam Village / Wujiang Qipao Town (吴江旗袍小镇) as follows:
Shengjiashe Ancient Street, Songling Zhen, Wujiang District, Suzhou 苏州市吴江区松陵镇盛家厍老街旗袍小镇