Enjoy International Performances at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Wuzhen Theatre Festival

If you are one who enjoys your entertainment from a stage, then you best get yourself down to Wuzhen for the 2018 Theatre Festival. Running from 18-28 October, the festival boasts days filled with laughter and tears, drama and street fun, from around the globe.

Drive approximately 2 hours southeast of Nanjing or just over 1 hour by train and you will find the beautiful lake city of Wuzhen, where this year over 25 performances will grace the stages of local theaters, performing plays to the theme of magnanimity.

The Wuzhen Theatre Festival is an annual event, co-founded by Chen Xianghong, Huang Lei, Stan Lai and Meng Jinghui, and organised by Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd. Regarded as one of the best theatre festivals in Asia, this year a grand celebration of artists from around the world will come to collaborate expression on the stage.

Special Invited Plays include the Russian play 19:14, by the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Directed and written by Alexander Molochnikov; Germany’s Dancer in the Dark by theThalia Theater (Hamburg), Directed by Bastian Kraft; Japan’s Springtime in the North by the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT), Directed by Tadashi Suzuki; and Poland’s Jeden Gest (One Gesture) by the Nowy Teatr, Directed by Wojtek Ziemilski and Wojtek Pustoła.

In addition to the Special Invited Plays, there shall also be presented multiple plays under the subjects When the Classics Awaken, The Experiment of the Experiment, Youth Utopia, Theatrical Metamorphosis and Close Distance.

As well as a non-stop outdoor carnival, audience members can choose from a vast selection of theatre groups on offer, performing in ten indoor venues that are all within walking distance of each another, and make it an event for the whole family.

Described as “dreamlike”, Wuzhen is a place for thinkers, poets and performers and boasts a charming atmosphere for creative expression. Included onto the revised List of China’s Candidates for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, in 2009, Wuzhen was named the first PATA eco-tourism destination in Mainland China.

Tickets can be bought via the Wuzhen Theater Festival website, www.wuzhenfestival.com. Readers should note this is a link to an insecure website.

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