Nanjing Metro Fares to Go Up by 50-100 Percent

Nanjing Metro Fares to Go Up by 50-100 Percent

Well, not quite, but near enough. In its 13 and a half years of operation, prices for riding the Nanjing Metro have remained unchanged, making the daily commute, for many, more and more of a bargain.

From 31 March, 2019, fares on Nanjing’s much-loved Metro system will become more in line with the rising cost of living in China. For some journeys, the hike in fares will be as much as 50-100 percent.

At present, the minimum fare of ¥2 will get you up to nine stations down the line(s). Taking Metro Line 1 as an example, a journey from Xinjiekou to Nanjing South Railway Station is at present a snip at ¥2. Next month, the same journey will cost ¥4.

The bargain basement fare of ¥2 will soon only be able to take you one, two or three stations distant, before the ¥3 fare kicks in.

Above, upper: The present fair structure for Nanjing Metro Line 1. Above, lower: The new fare structure from 31 March.

Many people have been asking as to the fares for journeys of long distances. The formula that will apply to the new pricing states that for journeys of more than 61 kilometres, the fare shall appreciate by ¥1 per 15 kilometres.

In other words; ¥10 for 76 kilometres, ¥11 for 91 kilometres, ¥12 for 106 kilometres, ¥13 for 121 kilometres and ¥14 for 136 kilometres.

For journeys of more than 136 kilometres, the revised fare shall be ¥15. 

Paying such a price for a metro ticket will, thankfully, be an unusual occurrence. It shall only be possible to realise the ¥15 fare by travelling to and from the extremities of the Nanjing Metro network; all the way from Gaochun in the far south of Nanjing on Line S9 to the far-flung Jinniuhu on line S8 in the north, switching to Line S1 and Line 3 in the process.

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