Crème of Cosy; Old Timer Haunt Still Tops in the Cold

3 Coffee

Nanjing winters can feel like they last forever. Residents and travelers alike are always on the hunt for somewhere cozy to escape from the damp cold. 3 Coffee is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or night nestled up with a book and a coffee.

3 Coffee is nested above a Japanese Restaurant on Shanghai Road. It resembles a grandmother’s living room. One wall is lined with a bookshelf on the verge of bursting. A map of Nanjing, etched out in crayon, sticks another wall. The furniture is a hodgepodge of half-broken armchairs and wooden tables. A tall air-conditioning unit squeezed into a corner spits out warm, twenty-five degree air.

In the day, light pours into the second floor windows, uncovering an assortment of antiques tossed about the cafe. The view is nothing worth writing home about, but the natural light is perfect for reading. At night, the shop is cloaked in darkness. The light from small desk lamps on every table provides just enough light to work by. It is difficult not to fall asleep

3 Coffee has another benefit. Unlike most cafes near Nanjing University, it is open until midnight. Late studiers can find warmth and comfort even past typical 10:00pm closing times. In addition, a small, black cat resides in the cafe. He is often found resting on the bookshelf or snoozing on an empty chair, but occasionally snuggles up with guests.

The coffee and snacks are decent, but nothing special. However, That said, 3 Coffee is definitely worth going to for a cozy hideout.

3 Coffee is located at 82 Shanghai Lu. Tel: 8324 4617.