Vogue without the Vineyard, in Nanjing’s Olympia

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As wine continues to splash on to China’s affluent social scene, it’s only natural that connoisseurs have begun turning their hobby into a lifestyle business.

Jumping onto the barrel as it rolls through Nanjing is Maestro Zong Weiwei, and his wine shop Jazz. Located in the orange international building on Aoti’s Lushan Lu, Jazz offers up an array of seriously good quality wine.

Having already exhausted the pitiful selection available at my local shops, it was a pleasant sight to see such an array of truly new and different wines.

As an Australian I was keen to take a sip of his Aussie selection having spotted some classics and some I hadn’t seen before. Personally selecting for me a glass of the Byron&Harold Late Harvest, it was on that hot day a perfect balance of crisp pear and spice.

Hung on the wall in between coolers and stacks of bottles are Zong’s many certificates qualifying him in the ways of wine from London, to Hong Kong and Australia.

“I have been interested in wine for a long time now, but have been taking it seriously for the past 5 years. Becoming certified helps me to not only understand wine better and become more knowledgable but allows me to become a teacher as well”, Zong told The Nanjinger when we visited the shop for its official opening.

Indeed at the time of our visit to his shop a group of freshly flushed Chinese learners sat giggling around a table as they sampled red after white. With wine becoming all the rage nowadays it will be tastings such as these that we will no doubt come to see more of in Nanjing.

“As we have just opened I am not offering tastings for foreigners as I am not confident with my English, however, it is my plan to hopefully begin this service soon as I would love to work with foreigners in the future.”

For the time being we laowai are more than welcome to come, peruse and purchase until our little hearts are content. If your Chinese is of a Taobao level then Jazz delivery is also an option for those without a car.

The Nanjinger also tried the Australian Thompson Estate Four Chambers Shiraz, which produced a rich and round structure of black and red cherry. The French Roqueterre Merlot-Cabernet is the perfect steak accompaniment as it’s slightly spicy and creamy blend worked very well with the texture and taste of the Cacciatore that was provided as a snack.

Marketed heavily in Chinese movies is the French Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits, which in my opinion is a solid everyday dinner red, nothing more.

Perhaps a little patriotism shining through here but I am more partial to the world’s southern wines, and that includes the Australian Norfolk Rise Vinyard Shiraz, not a trace of vinegar or water in this award-winning wine, which is one to be savored and enjoyed as every drop is as smooth as the last.

Not only can we find some positively fine wines at Jazz but beer is on offer too, most notably the Italian Mastri Birrai Umbri, if this beer is good enough for Ferrari and Lamborghini, it’s good enough for me.

Jazz Wines is located at 1809, Building 3, Jiaye International City, 158 Lushan Lu 庐山路158号 嘉业·国际城3号楼1809室 Tel 13605169888.

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Renée Gray Beaumont
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