Escaping Nanjing’s Summer; 7 Natural Air Conditioners


With the hottest season of the year approaching and the school holidays either upon us or almost upon us, so many seek to escape the furnace that is Nanjing, choosing to travel to cooler cities for a summer break. Being a truly gargantuan country, China has many a destination with its own brand of natural air conditioning.


Kunming is known as “Spring City” in China, where the annual average temperature is 15 degrees Celcius, and 22 degrees in summer. Dance with the red-billed gulls and feel the harmony between humans and nature on beautiful Cuihu and Dianchi Lakes. Visit the flower market to see all the world’s flowers; buy the best at the cheapest prices.


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In the northernmost province of China, Ha’erbin has an average temperature in summer of only 23 degrees. Known as the “city of churches”, there are fully sixty such structures that well illustrate the city’s history. In summer, Balan River is the place to go rafting, while Central Street is where to taste authentic northeast cuisine, or delicacies from various countries, especially Russia.


The snowy mountains in Lijiang can be seen all year round, while the city enjoys abundant rainfall. The highest monthly average temperature dips below 25 degrees and there is little in the way of change during the whole year. Very conducive to living, in summer, people head to Lugu Lake, Yulong Snow Mountain, Lashihai and Lijiang itself, to appreciate a softer summer and striking natural views.


With its temperate monsoon climate, and being surrounded by the sea on three sides, on account of the influence of the marine environment, Qingdao has remarkable climate characteristics. Air is humid and rainfall abundant, yet, the average temperature in August, the hottest month of the year, is only 25.3 degrees. The sea breeze blowing in Qingdao is rated by many as absolutely the best summer experience.


Located in the middle of Shandong province, near mountains and the sea, the climate of Yantai comes much lauded, with beautiful coastal and island scenery. Many tourists are also attracted by it being the home of many a traditional Chinese fairy tale, such as the mirage of the Sea City, the myth of the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and the legend of Qin Shihuang Shooting Squid.


Liupanshui is located in Guizhou Province, with a typical karst landform and a land elevation that varies by 2,300 metres. With an average temperature in July and August of less than 20 degrees, Liupan is rich in water resources and beautiful scenery. Famous scenic spots to explore include Yushe National Forest Park, Yushe Ski Centre, Wumengshan National Geological Park, Minghu National Wetland Park, Leek Ping Scenic Area and Yuehe Night Lang Buyi Cultural Eco-Park. 


Mohe is the northernmost city in China, at 52 degrees latitude. Located in far northwest Heilongjiang Province, herein witness extreme beauty in the primitive and mysterious Arctic village, with the Northern Lights being a particular attraction. To escape the city’s hustle and bustle, and embrace the natural scenery with its waterfalls and forests, Mohe is without doubt first choice.

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