Blues Legend Zhang Ling to Sweep through Nanjing on 13 October

Zhang Ling

Nanjing is in for a treat on 13 October, as Beijing-based Blues legend Zhang Ling comes to the city to perform at The Purple Mountain (TPM) drama space.

China’s rock legend Cui Jian once said, “I have always doubted whether China needs a pure Rhythm & Blues band. When I listened to Zhang Ling’s song, I think; need”.

In 1986, Zhang Ling was 19 years old. Together with friends, he formed a group called Mayday. It was to become one of the most important bands in Chinese rock history.

After studying jazz bass in Australia, Zhang returned to China in 1994 and began a 10 year tenure as bass player for Cui Jian. During this time, Zhang became known as the top blues bass player in China on account of his outstanding skills. He also taught blues and jazz in the Midi Music School in Beijing and formed China’s first blues band, The Rhythm Dogs.

Throughout his career, Zhang has participated in the recording of hundreds of albums by many singers as professional musicians and producers, including Wang Fei, Liu Huan and Li Yuchun. Zhang’s bar, CD Blues, is a driving force in the capital’s alternative music scene.

In a city that often seems starved of quality live music, this is a unique opportunity to see one of China’s musical legends in Nanjing, up close and personal, in an intimate venue.

The Purple Mountain (TPM) drama space, positioned at the foot of Nanjing’s Purple Mountain and established in 2016, is dedicated to providing a performance venue for a variety of artistic styles such as drama, music, dance and video.

Tickets for the Zhang Ling performance are priced at ¥200 on the door, and ¥150 in advance, via the QR code below or in person at Secco Bistro & Bar, 鼓楼区上海路南秀村14号, 14 Nanxiucun, Shanghai Road.

TPM is located at 南京市玄武区铁匠营80号T80科技文化国际社区4号楼、5号楼(TPM紫麓戏剧空间) Building 4/5, T80 Science and Technology International Community, 80 Tieyangying, Xuanwu District. Telephone 18795845781.

More information about the concert and venue is available here.

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Frank Hossack
Editor-in-chief and Music Critic, Frank Hossack, has been a radio host and producer for the past 34 years, the past 25 of which working in media in China, in the process winning four New York Festivals awards for his work, in the categories Best Top 40 Format, Best Editing, Best Director and Best Culture & The Arts. 贺福是我们杂志的编辑和音乐评论员,在过去的34年里一直从事电台主持和电台制片的工作。在中国有近25年的媒体工作经验。工作期间他曾经四次获得过纽约传媒艺术节大奖,分别是世界前40强节目奖,最佳编辑奖,最佳导演奖以及最佳文化艺术奖。