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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Macbeth in Nanjing

“Double Double Toil & Trouble”; Macbeth Among Top Year-End Shows

We’re fast approaching December, so herein The Nanjinger guide to some of the best-performing groups from around the world to be appearing at Nanjing’s...

Travel Mayhem Leaves 10,000 Stranded Due to Fog or Pollution

Monday 26 November, 2018; Nanjing Lukou International Airport closes, cancelling all flights due to extremely foggy weather, leaving thousands of people stranded. “We regret to...
China climate change

Climate Change Latest; New Local & National Initiatives

November has carried the focus of a “green” and sustainable China, with significant mile stones being reached in the environmental sector as regards climate...
African Swine Fever in China

Pork on Alert; African Swine Fever Meets Year of the Pig

Human beings may not be at risk from the possibility of African Swine Fever (ASF) going global, but the pig economy and associated value...
Gaochun 2018 marathon

Rainy Race for Marathon Enthusiasts in China’s First Slow City

Despite the miserable weather over the weekend, runners who participated in this year’s Gaochun Marathon ought give themselves a pat on the back for...
Swan Lake

Swan Lake and Saltbush to Warm Nanjing’s Winter

A rich mixture of local, national and international troupes are incoming to the Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts over the next few months,...
Chongqing Bus Crash

Better Driver Safety on Nanjing Buses in Wake of Chongqing Crash

In response to an increasingly concerned nationwide discussion about the safety of drivers and passengers on China buses, following the recent tragic crash in...
Nanjing Innovation Conference

R&D World Joins Conference Backed by Nanjing Party Secretary

Important figures in the world of Research and Development (R&D) were invited to participate in the "International Cooperation Conference of New R&D Institutions" today,...
World Skateboarding

Top Woman’s World Skateboarder Crowned in Nanjing

Nanjing is proudly playing host to the 2018 World Skateboarding Championships, which began on 29 October and will end on 3 November.
Runway Park

Design New Look for Air Force Base Runway and Win ¥100,000

Prize money totaling of ¥320,000 is up for grabs in a new competition to design a new look for a former Ming...
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