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Saturday, August 18, 2018
China King of Lingerie

20-Something Millionaire King of China Lingerie Production

Think attractive ladies’ underwear and perhaps that which first comes to mind is Victoria’s Secret. Yet, the real secret in China is...
Nanjing jaywalking shame TV

Is Jaywalking “Shame TV” Working for Nanjing?

At 21:30 on 10 August 2018, correspondents from The Nanjinger spotted another CCTV street screen displaying people jaywalking at an intersection along...
Nanjing-Cebu direct flights

New Flights from Cebu to Nanjing & China Allow for Faster Access

Long-term Nanjing expat holiday destination, The Philippines, is becoming more and more popular with the Chinese, and as a result more airlines...
china rural demographics

Have More Babies! China’s Concerns Over Aging Demographics

Slogans, posters, musicals and speeches; this has been China’s chosen method of mass communication for almost a century, the most recent of...
Nanjing Metro Cleaner

Nanjing Metro Cleaner Becomes Internet Hit

A heart-warming video profiling a woman who has been cleaning the Nanjing Metro for 13 years has become a mini sensation on...
online dating scam

Online Dating Scam Cheats Suzhou Woman out of ¥600,000

A Suzhou woman who lost ¥600,000 up to a year ago in an online dating racket has finally received some closure, with...
Zhang Rui crowd funding

Crowd Funding Raises 1/2 Million for Cancer Victim

A woman from Mingguang City, Anhui Province, not far from Nanjing, has sadly lost her battle with leukemia only 51 days after...
Chinese child abducted in USA

Chinese Child Taken by Asian Woman; American Amber Alert Issued

On Thursday 2 August, 2018 an Amber Alert was issued in Washington, USA, after a Chinese child was taken by an Asian...
public reprimand for Chen Yifa

Public Reprimand; Chinese Anchor Dobbed-On by Gamers

On 31 July, 2018, after audience members complained to police about a female online game anchor, the lady in question received a public reprimand...
Virtual scam targets Nanjing student in UK

Virtual Scam and Kidnapping Targets Chinese Students Abroad

A recent Nanjing graduate who was studying in the UK when she was almost swindled out of £30,000 via a virtual scam is another...
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