Global Food; Global Women! 200+ Pack International Food Exchange

Global Food; Global Women! 200+ Pack International Food Exchange

The second annual Nanjing Global Food Exchange was held today, Friday 8 March, 2019, at the Hongtai Space in Nanjing’s 1865 Creative Park.

Over 200 people attended the international food exchange that was organised by the Nanjing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (NJAEFI). Given that this was the second such event of its kind in Nanjing, organisers were more than happy with its success.

Speaking with The Nanjinger was Chen Zhengrong, Head of The Nanjing Commerce Bureau, who said, “Today is livelier than last year. We’ve had a lot more people come than last year”.

Steering her comments toward the vein of her position, Chen added, “The aim of organising an event like this is to let everyone know the investment environment in Naning”.

The event certainly drew in keen attendees from all over the world, including America, Germany and Mexico plus many other nationalities, many of whom are indeed invested in Nanjing. Those invited as vendors included representatives from Australia, Turkey, Korea and Japan, who worked well together with local venders and visitors.

On the tables ready to be jabbed with toothpicks and plastic forks were an abundance of dumplings, sausages, pies, pastries, meat and cakes. Yet, it were the specialty cakes prepared by the Pullman Hotel stole the show in terms of preparation and taste.

“This is the second time I’ve attended this event; today is much better than last year”, Pullman Executive Western Sous Chef, Richard Liu, told The Nanjinger. “We prepared seasonal fruit cakes. Today our theme is ‘natural magic’. So the concept is to be natural and organic. In fact, we just picked our strawberries up fresh from Lishui this morning”.

Tables adorned with food from around the world filled the room, accompanied by the tantalising aromas of stewing, frying and roasting. The Nanjing Korean Association presented their selections in traditional dress, while the Turkish Doner & Kebab restaurant showed off its carving skills, enthralling guests.

“I really like how the food is presented. The food is really good too and original”, said Lydia, who is studying in Nanjing. “That which is on par with western standards would be the German sausages and the bread”.

Beginning at around 10am, the event ran until 1pm, at which time, as is customary in China, the theme from The Magnificent Seven blared from the loudspeakers, signalling time for a prize winning lucky draw ceremony.

The event required judges to select five vendors from a DIY list and a Brands list. For the DIY section, the five winners were Ke Yi Jun Taiwanese Chinese Medicine salted specialties, Japanese mackerel filets simmered in Miso, Korean seafood and vegetable pancake, Korean kimchi pancake and Korean mince pork pancake.

From the brands section, the five winners were Pullman Nanjing’s Western Desserts, Real Bread Cafe, Turkish Doner & Kebab and Siemens’ German Sausage Platter and Roasted Duck Breast with Sauerkraut and Red Wine Sauce.

In addition, those who attended the event were automatically entered into the lucky draw which awarded 38 prizes to winners. With the sun out, the Global Food Exchange and the surrounding grounds of the art district provided the perfect entertainment for Women’s Day 2019.

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