Low-Cost Airline Launches New Nanjing-Jeju Flight

Low-Cost Airline Launches New Nanjing-Jeju Flight

Nanjing is to receive its second direct flight between her and the South Korean island of Jeju, as Spring Airlines launches a new service on 14 August.

Flight 9C6149 shall depart Nanjing Lukou International Airport every day at 2005, arriving Jeju International Airport (CJU) at 2250. The return flight, 

9C6150, leaves Jeju at 0700 and arrives Nanjing at 0800. Korea is 1 hour ahead of China.

The semi-tropical island of Jeju that is dominated by the massive shield volcano, Hallasan, is especially popular with Chinese tourists, who enjoy a visa-free policy, unlike for the rest of South Korea. Local laws permit foreigners to buy property and open hotels and restaurants.

Jeju is also home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites and plans to be entirely carbon free by 2030.

At time of writing, prices for the new flight were unavailable, but the Spring Airlines’ website was advertising promotional fares of as little as US$1.30 for a Shanghai to Bangkok flight. In reality, the same flight for 22 Aug is priced from US$43.80. The company claims to offer prices that are 30 percent lower than the market price for the same route.

The prices are, of course, reflective of the fact that Spring Airlines is a budget airline, one that has in the past been compared to Ireland’s Ryan Air. Similarly, a host of widely varying passenger experiences also accompanies Spring Airlines.

In particular, The Nanjinger advises to carefully check the airline’s luggage allowances. Anything out with that which are very strict size and weight requirements will incur additional charges, as much as US$100 per bag.

It is also worth noting that Spring Airlines’ cabin seats do not recline, while foreign (taller) travellers might be interested to know that seats with additional legroom may also be reserved, for US$15 each.

Spring Airlines dates back to 2005 with an inaugural flight from Shanghai to Yantai. It now operates a fleet of 87 Airbus 320 aircraft, seven of which are the energy efficient 320neo, serving destinations all over China and a large swathe of southeast Asia.

The new flight comes as competition to Juneyao Airlines, that flies between Nanjing and Jeju six times per week.

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